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It is said that Columba, a missionary from Ireland, made two trips to Skye and established five different monastic communities modeled on the center he had established in Iona, of which St. Columba's Isle was considered the most significant. The Island once housed a cathedral and abbey. Archeology and records confirm the great church had an 80 foot transept, built in a style of the Iona Abbey. For over years, from until this cathedral church was considered one of the most important anywhere in Scotland. According to William of Newburgh Bishop Wimund became a seafaring warlord adventurer in the years after The seat of the Bishop remained here until when the Lordship of the Isles under the MacDonalds ceded to the crown.

By , the seat of the diocese had moved to Iona , and church center at Skeabost declined and was eventually forgotten. After the Reformation, the great cathedral was destroyed and much of the stone used to build a retaining wall in Portree. This video contains footage of the MacNeacail mortuary chapel known as Nicolson's Aisle. Ann Vance, Dr.

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