Manual Deceived - Part 1 New York (Deceived series)

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  1. The Guinevere Deception
  2. The second installment in a new 10-part series on ego defenses.
  3. ‘Deception’ Canceled By ABC After One Season – Deadline
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Right away Derek could feel the heat of her fever through his shirt.

The Guinevere Deception

Her hair was matted with grime, and she smelled, well, less than fresh. Tightening his hold on his passenger, Derek urged Hercules into a canter. They arrived at Westwood Hall less than an hour later. Langingham, the housekeeper, met them in the foyer, taking over for the flustered butler. Would you please have one of the maids draw a bath for the young miss? Langingham bustled into the room after them, barking out orders and taking command. Langingham said again as she ushered him out the door. For some odd reason, he wanted to stay and care for her himself.

To peel the filthy clothing from her petite body and bathe what looked to be weeks of grime off her, to wash her long hair and towel it dry by the fire. He could go back, clear the room and take over. But Mrs. Hopefully by then the doctor would have arrived. An hour later, Derek returned to check on his new ward and stopped dead in his tracks at the bedchamber doorway.

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The woman was propped against a small mountain of pillows, her damp golden curls forming a halo around her freshly scrubbed face. A porcelain complexion, pretty pink lips and a button nose completed a rather captivating picture. But now he needed her to awaken so he could find out everything there was to know about her. While he stared at her, she began to thrash in the bed as if in the midst of a frightening dream.

The second installment in a new 10-part series on ego defenses.

Reeking of whiskey, the old man had clearly been dragged from the village pub. Derek moved to the foot of the bed for a closer look. Derek decided then and there it was time for a new doctor in the village. Try to rest. The doctor picked up his bag of useless tools. Try to get some tea or broth into her. She wilted under the intensity of his gaze. As the doctor prepared to leave, Derek stopped him. Do you understand me? After closing the door behind the doctor, Derek went to stand by the bed.

Hands in pockets, he studied his guest so intently that he never heard Mrs. She set the tray of tea and broth on the bedside table. Once it had become somewhat tepid, he sat on the bed and arranged his patient so she reclined against his chest. Remembering the towel Mrs. The heat from her feverish body seeped through their clothing to warm him. She strained against his tight hold and turned her head away from the cup he held to her lips. Her mouth opened, and he was able to get her to drink a small bit without her choking.

It took more than half an hour, but he managed to get most of the cup into her. He wiped her face with the towel and started to settle her back in bed. Derek tightened his hold on her. No one will hurt you. Brushing them away, he ached to know who she was, who had hurt her, and what had brought her to his corner of Essex. He spoke softly to her until she once again relaxed into a deep sleep. The long, eventful day finally caught up to him, and his eyes drifted closed.

‘Deception’ Canceled By ABC After One Season – Deadline

His next conscious thought was one of struggle. Someone was fighting him with everything they had. He startled awake to find his patient battling her way out of his embrace. Arms folded across the front of the thin night rail Mrs. Langingham had found for her, she glared at him as she wobbled on unsteady legs. Where is my clothing? Who undressed me? Her face flaming with embarrassment, she grabbed a blanket from the foot of the bed and wrapped it around herself.

Derek bolted from the bed to catch her and settled her back in bed. Her eyes flashed with anger. She did a quick inspection and then clutched it to her chest, eying him warily. Why were you digging? Her expression told him that if it were up to her, he and his feet would be expelled from the room immediately. With every passing minute Derek grew more fascinated by her. He forced himself to project a sense of calm when he was anything but.

And you seemed. Shrinking back from him, she sank deeper into the pillows. Need I go on?

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  5. Helping you will give me something interesting to do. She gave him an arch look, which, along with her fever-reddened cheeks, only added to her overwhelming appeal. He feigned shock. He shrugged. I have a proposition for you. President George Bush. This article lists several more instances in which this type of professional film making was utilized to manipulate American public opinion. Outright lies were told, to the full knowledge of many in our Federal Government, including Congress, and not one elected or appointed Governmental official told the truth.

    We believe this is precisely what will occur during the appearance of the Anti-Christ. Both TV networks and Governmental officials across the world will knowingly cooperate to manipulate public opinion, to convince the peoples of the world that Maitreya is who he will claim to be and that he is worthy to be worshipped. The sudden appearance of this duplicity by present Governmental officials is just one more sign that the Great Tribulation is very close. Keeping this concept in mind, consider another news article which graphically illustrates how unscrupulous leaders could utilize leading-edge technology to deceive us.

    For many, many years, people have accepted a photograph as positive proof of a disputed fact. Judicial courts have likewise accepted photographs as admissible evidence. This acceptance is so widely accepted that we have coined the phrase, "pictures don't lie". Current technology has now rendered that belief useless, at best, and dangerous at worst.

    Recent advances in technology have made it possible, even easy, for pictures to be altered in such a way that no one, even a professional film maker, could ever detect the alteration. The process involves giving 'pixels' -- electronic squares -- a binary code that makes them easy to adjust.

    Layout design, cropping, sizing, and other changes are made quicker, cheaper, and infinitely more flexible. More complicated matching of resolution and color, which once required a technically trained artist, now merely entails more elaborate digitized systems. In other words, pictures are scanned so that the image is changed to computer pixels, the building blocks of the computer screen.

    These pixels are then rearranged to create a new picture. Then, the computer creates the new, false image electronically. The result is a perfect picture without any tell-tale lines or differences in color which would alert a professional that alterations had been made.

    Charles Seife: "Proofiness: The Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception" - Talks at Google

    To illustrate this point, Newsweek hired an advertising agency to create a dinner party photograph with the following people present:. Obviously, since Elvis Presley has been dead for almost 20 years, this particular group of people could never have actually gotten together for a dinner party. But you would never have realized it just from this picture. Every detail was perfect; there were no tell-tale lines where cutting and splicing had occurred; there were no variations in coloration, either of the people or of any part of the background.

    The computer rearrangement of the electronic pixels had been perfect in producing a false picture so realistic it could convince a courtroom jury. Over private companies now possess advanced similar electronic-imaging systems. We can no longer accept photographs at face value.

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    Advertisements are regularly being altered, as are news stories and documentaries. In , National Geographic utilized this technique to move two Egyptian pyramids closer together so they could fit properly on the front cover. Time magazine utilized this technique in when it published a story about the espionage in Moscow involving the Marine guards. Time shot a studio photo of a Marine and then utilized this computer technology to show him at the American Embassy in Moscow. In , Newsweek recreated a photo making it appear that film stars Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were together when, in fact, one was in Hawaii and one was in New York City.

    ABC News recreated a photo showing accused spy Felix Bloch passing a briefcase to a Communist agent, knowing the picture to be a fraud. The implications are staggering.