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  1. Shirtless FSU fan reading a novel is the real hero of Clemson game
  2. Recent FSU graduate’s novel being turned into SYFY pilot
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Jessa goes on the journey of rediscovering her family, specifically her mother, who leans into her creative side in widowhood. The book is very Florida, very gay — hot to the touch, in other words — and Arnett leads with sharp character development.

Shirtless FSU fan reading a novel is the real hero of Clemson game

Its uplifted hand gestured sweetly at the bear, standing beside the bed in a roomy pair of custom boxer shorts made from two pillowcases. The prose could still use a jolt. She prefers stepping back and allowing Jessa to survey the action. You almost wish the book were even weirder — for a moment or two where Arnett would really unleash on the madness of her premise.

Recent FSU graduate’s novel being turned into SYFY pilot

Dead Things is, instead, almost achingly warm. In its richest thread, Jessa unpacks her relationship with her brother, Milo, suffused as it is with love and resentment and a bone-deep mutual understanding. She abruptly leaves both of them in adulthood.

A Trip Through Old Florida With The Author of A Land Remembered

She keeps her eyes and her heart open. Indeed, Arnett gives no element of her novel the short shrift.

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Her sex scenes are steamy, volatile, full — a treatment of lesbian romance that feels refreshing and rare. Arnett treats the shop like work , too, mundane and automatic and mentally consuming. Scraped until my muscles screamed.

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Bender gleaned inspiration for her original story on Pinterest, the social media application aimed toward the discovery of new ideas. I started typing, and soon I had the first chapter.

I posted it on Wattpad around 1 a. Bender said Wattpad is a great outlet because of the valuable feedback writers are able to receive from readers on the platform.

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Eventually, receiving this commentary became a healthy fixation for her. Trailers needed to introduce the main characters, capture the voice, look and feel of the potential pilot, and position the narrative that would drive the series forward.

The trailer produced by Kristen Brancaccio was chosen as the winner. She said her time at FSU has prepared her for these exciting opportunities.