Manual Good Intentions: A funny, scary look at the future of our increasingly progressive society

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Have you ever been in an emergency and how serious and fast things can happen. Do you really believe that if a shooter came into the school that someone will grab a fire extinguisher and stop the shooter? What experiences have you had??? We all ran outside as fast as we could. The streets were filled with people. A house with a fire extinguisher is generally safer than a house without.

Reclaiming Sci-Fi’s Lost History

A house with a gun is measurably less safe than one without. And kill… I believe all teachers should be trained either in weapons or guerrilla tactics for defense i. The only person or persons in danger is anyone who comes through my door wishing to do harm… the notion that my house is any more dangerous because it has guns, than a house without guns for that reason alone is asanine.

But the statistics are quite clear. Having guns in your house makes you and yours more, not less, likely to die of a gunshot than the average household. Dave, I know the surveys you are talking about, and they include households with members engaged in criminal activity, and in suicides.

One can judge, on an individual basis, if there is risk of either of these in a house. But what does that even say?

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Life is risk management. Or, more drastically, if no one owns any firearms then no one will be killed or injured. That is like claiming your car airbags are useless because they did not deploy in an accident. Nice try; no cigar. Three in ten soldiers return fire. How many half trained teachers would manage? How many school shooters leave in a bodybag now? Most of them. The bulk do not expect to survive.

Your deterrent turns out to be part of the challenge.

Half trained is not the recommendation-trained volunteers and yes you would get them. It would only take one effective pull of the trigger to stop the slaughter.


Yep Kandahar ambushes are exactly like an active shooter situation in a school. The class is scouting through shrub land and the shooter jumps out and…oh wait…no the shooter assaults the school kicks in doors or pulls a fire alarm and starts shooting. More than none. Perhaps because he does not know the situations in schools. He suggested that a teacher breaking up a fight in the hallway could have his gun taken away from him by a student and used.

That is ludicrous! Well you still got in a car accident and may have died, i wonder if it was because someone who shouldnt have been driving was. Maybe they should have had a more rigorous driving test or had their license revoked because of past driving habits. Maybe the air bag should have tested and inspected more thoroughly? Regardless of having armed protection people are still going to die especially if the one shooting has anything like an assault rifle.

The airbag DID deploy, in the form of an armed guard doing exactly what they should have been doing. A human will, no matter how well trained. What is next Sparta, Greece as the culture we live in? The safety of airbags has been tested and proven through hundreds of thousands of hours of controlled testing at car manufacturers.

There is no empirical evidence that having an armed Samaritan nearby will impact the casualty rate of these mass shooting events. Not to mention the fact that there is a pretty clear distinction between an airbag deploying and expecting someone whose profession is to teach small children how to read to hunt down and incapacitate an assailant armed with an AR They have had two shootings since then , both ended with a teacher killing the shooter.

Phirc86 Israel is has compulsory military service and strict gun control. The US is not comparable to Israel. We have 3. Oh, and even with 3. Good luck forcing teachers to carry guns. And armed guards might not react the way you think they should or are supposed to. What if a student gets hold of one of those guns? What if a teacher forgets where they left it and a student picks it up? There are sooo many variables in any given situation, and it is simply not possible to prepare for all contingencies.

Given a change of circumstances, maybe the armed guard could have been helpful. But under the circumstances as they played out, he was not. To imply anything else is overly simplistic and ludicrous. No cigar for you, either.

Go away. One armed guard for that enormous campus was ludicrous lack of coverage. And I believe that concerned teachers will go through the training on their own time, and the NRA will provide the training at little or no cost to the school district under their National School Shield program. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome.

That epitomizes the call for gun bans and gun-free zones. You want tax cuts rather than educating our children, but you and every other American, I suppose can pony up to have a squad of soldiers patrolling every school. I assume you will include sharpshooters. How about serpentine wire and mnes?

Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values that are novel in human evolution

The NRA donation is true. Why should any school need an armed guard? Yet somehow we seem to have less gun crime in our schools than the USA. Can any of you guess why that may be? I agree with you Andrew. So the NRA pays to train and retrain teachers.

Some of my favorite quotes

Because the profession of arms is a perishable one. But who insures the school and the teachers?

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

What if during a shooter situation a teacher misses and hits another child. What if they are unable to act? When these teachers deal with the psychological fallout of killing a child, who supports them medically?

Women Engineers On the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley

We hardly pay our teachers now. Expecting them to just volunteer is silly, as this training and retraining will take a lot of time and commitment, if we suddenly expect them to be public defenders should they not receive compensation related to their new position? If they remain a volunteer it would be hard to maintain accountability. Just a few of the thoughts that come to mind.

But this is way to simple of a solution to propose without diving into the deeper details. The NRA, sponsored by gun manufacturers, who benefit from fear, offers to help schools buy guns from those gun manufacturers. In every school in the USA. The additional benefits of making Americans even more afraid of each other and more likely to buy more guns and kill each other more and buy more guns. They had a police resource officer. Now, they have that. The Parkland armed guard was nowhere near an entry point to the building. They could have had a tank but it too would have been useless if it was in the garage.

From the news not even close and the officer on duty was not even on the premise. So no cigar comrade. Unlike before now they seem to be putting real security in place. Also their advance security was foiled by the shooter just pulling on the fire alarm complete failure at every level. Only reason to arm teachers is because they want the teacher to take even more responsibility they should not need to take.

Also the armed guard happened to not even be around when the shooting started, so yeah.

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That way if the killer targets security first, they have less of a chance of succeeding. School resource deputy Scot Peterson was placed under investigation by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel but then decided to resign his post after a review found he sat outside for four minutes during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead.

Israel said Thursday surveillance footage captured Peterson responding to the building where the shooting was unfolding. He said the deputy got there within a minute and a half of when the gunfire started. He positioned himself outside the building but never went in, Israel said.