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Mar 05, Jim rated it it was amazing Shelves: heirloom-garden , garden-self-suffcient. Homegrown Whole Grains a practical easy to read useful book for the home gardener. The basics on growing grains on a small scale and small space. My goal to grow a crop within a 10 x 10 plot then to expand over time if this is productive. With the possibility of raising chickens this could be a big plus.

Feb 06, Marie rated it really liked it. Its a gardening book. For grains.

Homegrown Whole Grains

Set in America. So you have to go through the mental sojourns of calculating ounces and seasons out to the right amounts. It was interesting. I loved reading about windborn farm, but guess what you can't get heritage grains in Australia without an import permit which is a load of lardidah!

Homegrown Whole Grains

Jan 14, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: gardening-homesteading. Homegrown Whole Grains provides a lot of specifics I've been unable to find elsewhere about planting dates and growing zones for grains in the backyard.

It's got lots of pretty illustrations and is a quick read. See the tidbits I compiled from Home-grown Whole Grains on my blog. Jul 06, Jonathan Ward rated it liked it. Informative in an introductory way. Would certainly want to reference more works before actually pursuing growing grains, but a great first read to determine whether or not to pursue the issue. Jul 27, Brad Belschner rated it liked it Shelves: agriculture.

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Fun book. Aptly named. Mar 04, treefrog rated it really liked it. This has lots of useful info, but I wish this book focused more on organic and no-till methods. A very good reference book for those interested in growing and harvesting their own grains. Written in a very readable format with easy to follow instructions and illustrations. Oct 10, Alana rated it really liked it.

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Nice little book that gave me a few pointers when planting wheat. Apr 02, Nick rated it liked it.

Cooking Book Review: Homegrown Whole Grains: Grow, Harvest, and Cook Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice, C...

Good quick overview of a lot of different kinds of grains but is almost more valuable for its reference section than anything else. Jun 20, Judith rated it really liked it. Reference book, for th emost part. Harvesting Equipment. Kitchen Essentials. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Item Number: BF Convert part of your yard into a productive and beautiful field of grain and enjoy your harvest in home-baked breads, salads, casseroles, and side dishes.

Whole grains give you the basic ingredient for breads and other baked goods; left whole, your grains become the nutty, delicious star of healthful salads, filling entrees, and other dishes that will make you forget all about white rice. Scythe - Hardwood Snath. Organic Cayuse Oats Seed Lb. Wheat Red Winter Seed Lb.

Works under MDS 633.1

Organic Wheat, Beardless lb. Shipping Weight: 1. Dimensions: 9"L x 7"W x 0. Sensible, very useful, and surprising! Who knew millet bird seed to us was a world wide food staple? And the author tells where to find seed varieties! Delightful reading. Not too little info; not too much.

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Growing Grains

Phone Number Will not be published in review. Email Address Will not be published in review. Multiple reviews on the same product will count as one entry. One winner will be chosen at random every month. Growing whole grains is simpler and more rewarding than most people imagine. With as little as square feet of land, backyard farmers can grow enough wheat to harvest 50 pounds in a single afternoon - and those 50 pounds can be baked into 50 loaves of fresh bread.

In addition to providing information on wheat and corn, Homegrown Whole Grains includes complete growing, harvesting, and threshing instructions for barley, millet, oats, rice, rye, spelt, and quinoa, and lighter coverage of several specialty grains. Readers will also find helpful tips on processing whole grains, from what to look for in a home mill to how to dry corn and remove the hulls from barley and rice.

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Chapters for each grain include inventive recipes for cereals, desserts, casseroles, salads, soups and stews, and, of course, home-baked breads, the crowning achievement of the home grain grower. Sara Pitzer shares dozens of ideas for using whole grains - from cooking sturdy wheat berries in a slow cooker to malting barley for homebrewed beer. Whether milled into nutritional flours or used in any of their unmilled states, wheat, barley, quinoa, and the other grain crops are healthful additions to every diet.