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The whole thing sounded creepy with him starring as the creepiest creeper. Kellen had calmed himself and appeared amused by the drama unfolding. Not until matters have been settled to our satisfaction. He shook his head. Unfortunately, what you just said is treason. You are a water royal, not a full blooded royal.

Do you need a history lesson? Kellen was far from finished. Tell her what your true intentions were. Cupidon looked stricken, refusing to speak. With death assured, his decision to remain silent no longer mattered. Kellen stared at the merman. The king faced me, his face hard, menacing even. It occurred to me that my first impression might have been wrong. Maybe there was a reason they were part of the Dark Court. His next words confirmed why.

Once a female has delivered our offspring, we feed her to the children as their first meal. I glanced at Cupidon. It is tradition, and most nourishing for the babes. Kellen backhanded him. Furious, the Mer-King hissed; his jaw unhinged and his mouth expanded into a gaping maw of razor sharp spikes, hundreds of them.

I flinched and let out a little cry. I wanted you as my own. Never would I have shared you.

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You have to believe me. Kellen nodded my direction. Minus even a hint of hesitation, I made my final judgment. The Fae were all rotten on the inside no matter how appealing they appeared on the outside. Rotten fruit, rotten meat, rotten faeries shared something in common.

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Rotten things needed to be disposed of. Labels: Carol Van Atta , dark fantasy , fae , Faeries , fantasy , fey , mermaids , mermen , paranormal romance , She Kissed a Vampire , urban fantasy , vampires , werewolf , werewolves , werewolves of the west. Wednesday, December 25, I'm Back Book Two is ready to roll read! Hey Everyone! It's been far too long since I've been here.

What is so Special About Sirius, the Dog Star?

Between writing, family, day-job, holidays, writing, editing, family,day-job Bottom Line : I am back on Blogger and plan to stay around a while. So many exciting things to report. But lets start with two. Checkout the amazing promo poster art from my publisher for the Werewolves of the West series. And then, head on over to Goodreads to register for a chance to read, She Kissed a Vampire , book two in the Werewolves of the West series.

I'm giving away 3 trade paperback copies autographed and I suspect the winner will get an extra goody or two! So mark the book to read on Goodreads and enter the giveaway. It was just posted yesterday. Labels: Carol Van Atta , Contest , dark fantasy , Faeries , fantasy , free book , Giveaway , Goodreads , paranormal romance , supernatural , vampire , werewolf , werewolves of the west.

Monday, March 25, She Kissed a Vampire Labels: book series , Carol Van Atta , Faeries , fantasy , I Kissed a Dog , paranormal romance , paranormal romances series , She Kissed a Vampire , urban fantasy , vampire , werewolf , werewolves of the west. Amazon Trade Paperback. Barnes and Noble Trade Paperback. Labels: Carol Van Atta , danger , fae prince , I Kissed a Dog , paranormal romance , romance , sexy , suspense , urban fantasy , vampire , vampires , werewolf , werewolves , wolf , wolves.

Where can I get my copy of I Kissed a Dog. Book One: Werewolves of the West? Great Question!

Let me provide some links for you Praises for I Kissed a Dog:. From beginning to end, I couldn't get enough of this story. Well written and fun to read, this exciting tale is full of adventure. I was wrapped in this story from the beginning to end. The chemistry between the two main characters is awesome. If you love spunky and sexy couples, these two are for you. But that isn't saying that is all there is in this book. There are suave and sexy vampires, fae, mutants, and evil werewolves. This book has it all. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal romance or just an awesome romance!

Great Job Carol! I Kissed a Dog is a winner! Spent the whole day reading This book was so good, I just couldn't put it down. Yes we have another great writer.

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The book is full of surprises. You can never guess what is coming.

I cannot wait till the next book. Click on the links below to get your copy! Kindle copy of I Kissed a Dog. Nook copy of I Kissed a Dog. Preview the Book Trailer on YouTube. Labels: Carol Van Atta , fae , fantasy , I Kissed a Dog , paranormal romance , romance , shapeshifter , suspense , urban fantasy , vampire , vampires , werewolf , werewolves. Black Moon, Jessica McQuay. Blood Destiny, Alison Beightol.

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Morningside, Ashley Madau. Click to Enter. Excerpt from The Esther Experiment. I motioned the warriors forward. They fanned out on their mounts, forming an arc beneath the tree line. To the right, my always present second in command, Tin, whistled; the shrill sound signaling additional forces on the far side of the meadow. The majority of the captives had been fleeing that direction and came to an abrupt stop, huddling together as the warriors created a second border blocking their retreat.

I noted, with an odd sense of pride and a hint of pleasure, that my pixie girl and her group were moving toward us. Bravery was valued above all else on Donaria. Females, although honored for their beauty and artistic talents, were also well-trained in weaponry and magic.

The primary difference between our planet and Earth was the use of magic and Eden-like landscape we had managed to preserve.

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Humans had corrupted their planet, destroying its original beauty and resources. If only we could forgo violence and the need to force our will on neighboring planets.