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  3. Violence Against Women in Cambodia: Towards a Culturally Responsive Theory of Change
  4. When a Nation Loses Its Literature

I should read this. I should buy this. In many respects, Phina So is a saint and a savior, and she might just be the person who can help Khmer literature flourish.

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As the head of the Women Writers Committee—a charter of PEN Cambodia—Phina So writes and edits anthologies featuring stories with strong, smart female protagonists aimed at empowering Khmer women to overcome hardship. Her ambitions are mindful of the challenges to encouraging literary development in Cambodia. It would be good because young writers keep writing silently. The most decorated young writer in Cambodia today is Sok Chanphal. Modest, congenial, and soft-spoken, the year-old has an inquisitive air, always listening to the world around him.

In , Sok was presented with the S. When I ask whether Sok believes he and other Khmer writers could contribute to the journal, he hesitates for a few moments. I am 32, but I feel very young in knowledge and I start to worry. I wish we could have more knowledge and we could do something for our country to develop.

To the delight of Yamada, many of the past winners of the competition have gone on to publish their own books, write screenplays, and receive other esteemed awards. One of those success stories belongs to Sok Chanphal. Write Awards in Bangkok. The organizer asked Winchester if he could explore the possibilities of awarding a Khmer writer for the ceremony, and he willingly began the pursuit. Write Award, in large part due to his publications and exposure from the Nou Hach Association. Write committee, I was surprised to learn the committee has neglected to award a Khmer writer since Over lunch one afternoon, I ask Sreang about the matter.

It seemed like a startling confession to make for a man holding arguably the highest-ranking literary position in the country, especially considering the entire aim of the organization he runs is to promote literature in Cambodia. This notion of influencing young Khmer writers is a point Bui Jones also feels strongly about. They are busy trying to survive.

More and more though, as the hostilities of the past fade into the rearview, Khmer writers are starting to find time to tell their stories through self-published works. It is uninhibitedly amateur, but contains the sort of anarcho-punk aesthetic that came to define zines of a certain era. And that, to me, is a testament to the lasting influence a literary association like Nou Hach can have on writers in Cambodia.

Everyone is still there, though the lights are a little dimmer, the drinkers a little drunker. I love this idea and I am looking to follow suit. But just one note, Neil Gaiman is a British author, not American! Thanks Triana. Gaiman was a test case for me. My UK book was also an unusual choice, being a novel in translation from Welsh. I felt that as most of my reading had been British or American before this project these were an opportunity to test the boundaries a bit.

Her Day: The Virgen de Guadalupe

Translations should be easy to find, enjoy! It was challenged but congratulations. I absolutely support you. And I wanted recommend you some books from my motherland : Kyrgyzstan.

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I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Anastasia. Hi Ann, it is a brilliant idea to do this huge project, I am writing to you from China, I recommend Funeral of the Muslims ——Huo Da, which is my favorite book in Chinese, about love, war, feudal ethical. After coming to America, Hok-Pang would tell his story to Coomler, who wrote it down and wove it together into this moving narrative. I admit that I wept over some episodes. It is a story of torment and endurance, despair and heroic hope, both of an individual and his country.

You will not regret reading it.

Violence Against Women in Cambodia: Towards a Culturally Responsive Theory of Change

This is a wonderful idea! I am part of a group inspired by this, which has been reading its way around the world. I have a question for Anne and readers of this blog—for Kuwait, I read a special issue of Banipal a Granta-like publication for Arab literature dedicated to Kuwaiti writers. Does anyone know how I could get hold of this? Great to hear about your book group. I would suggest contacting Banipal — they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Best of luck — let me know how you get on. I do have a recommendation—a wonderful poet from St. Lucia called Hippolyte Kendal. The book I read was called Night Vision. I am going to read more of him. He writes about contemporary St.

When a Nation Loses Its Literature

Lucia but also about language and the power of words. Thanks — he sounds great. The list on this site contains prose works, but I enjoy reading poetry too, so I will check him out. I am a girl from China.

You are awesome! It tells a story of a family. It will help you gain a better understanding of our country, our nation and culture.