Manual Lipidomics: Technologies and Applications

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Structural lipidomics

Membrane lipids further serve as precursors for mediators lipids involved in inflammatory responses. Despite the growing appreciation of the relevance of lipids in infectious diseases, many gaps remain to be filled.

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We have developed novel lipidomics approaches and provided one of the most comprehensive lipid profiles of the model organisms, S. Combining lipidomics with cell biology and genetics, we unraveled the roles of lipids in organismal physiology and development. We recently extended our successful approach into the development of new tools tailored towards unraveling the functional roles of lipids in medically relevant systems, including the human and mouse macrophages and a panel of human disease causing pathogens.

In this talk, I will share our unpublished development in macrophage lipidomics and demonstrate the extensive remodeling of lipids during inflammation.

Lipidomics – Novel tools and applications in infection and immunity

The established platform for macrophage lipidomics, in combination with proteomics, transcriptomics and infection biology, will permit future studies on systems biology of host-pathogen interactions, and can be further extended to non-communicable diseases including atherosclerosis, obesity, cancer and wound healing. Guan obtained her PhD from the National University of Singapore in , and pursued her postdoctoral training in systems biology within a SystemsX. She served as the vice-coordinator of a SystemsX.

Since her undergraduate years, she has pioneered novel lipidomics approaches for systems biology studies of lipid metabolism and functions. She continues to contribute to the burgeoning field of lipidomics through driving technological and bioinformatics developments. She has further established macrophage-based infection models for systems biology research in mycobacteriosis and trypanosomiasis.

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NNE-CTR | Proteomics and Lipidomics Technologies

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The iMethod™ Applications Advantage

Focusing on the practical applications, this user-oriented guide presents current technologies and strategies for systems-level lipid analysis, going beyond basic research to concentrate on commercial uses of lipidomics in biomarker and diagnostic development, as well as within pharmaceutical drug discovery and development.