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Do you know approximately how old you were at the time? Embarrassment and memory are abstract nouns, whereas bed and pants are not. Some abstract nouns are uncountable in English, but may not be in your language, e.

Which ending s cause s a change in stress? It is an act of justice. Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa 6 There are only tw o em otions in a plane: and terror.? Orson Welles, US movie director 7 : I enjoy convalescence. They shout and they shoot. William Inge, British clergyman and writer d Say in your own words what the quotations mean.

Do you agree with them? I need to pay someone to repair them. HAVE I broke my glasses. BY The children managed to wrap the present 7 The last time 1saw him was in Tom lets her walk all over him. She has to sleep with the lights on. Then mark the sentences T true or F false. Choose five new words or phrases.

How To Instantly Become Motivated

Check their meaning and pronunciation and try to learn them. I I Being bilingual strengthens the brain. Does that person have any of the characteristics described in the program? In today's global economy, the ability to communicate in another language has become a significant advantage in the workforce. And 66 percent of North American recruiters agreed that being bilingual will be increasingly important in the next 10 years.

At the Willard InterContinental Washington, a luxury hotel a few blocks from the White House, a staff of about represents 42 nations, speaking 19 languages. The Willard's front-of-house employees such as the concierge speak at least two languages. Bilingualism is not an absolute requirement, but it is desirable, according to Wendi Colby, director of human resources. Workers with skills in a second language may have an edge when it comes to climbing Willard's professional ladder.

21+ Future Ways How to Make Money Online (Best for 12222)

Insiders agree the most popular - and marketable - languages are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese, with a growing emphasis on Mandarin, given China's booming economy. Online Practice Answer the questions with a partner. Whose revenge do you think was? In these more technologically advanced days, the Finnish Prime Minister recently sent a breakup message via text message.

I wish things had turned out differently. Take care of yourself She asked all of them to read the email and to analyze it or interpret it according to their job while she filmed or photographed the result. At first it was therapy, then art took over. After a month, I had gotten over him. There was no suffering. It was an amazing adventure," she says. No phone calls, no texts, no emails. I thought he died! Will you be my friend? I haven't heard from you for ages. I have no regrets. She thought things were going well until she discovered that he was seeing someone else on the side. Initially, she had no plans to get back at him.

She called Jason to break up, but when she got his voice mail, she thought of a much better idea. He had given her his password, so she logged in to his voice mail and recorded a new outgoing message. She explained what a cheater he was. Which saying do you think best fits each of the three stories in b? Do you agree with any of them? They are usually said in a way that is close to their French pronunciation, and so do not necessarily follow normal English pronunciation patterns, e.

These wordswill appear in a good English dictionary. Do you use any of them in your language? They told me they're getting married next year. Then practice saying the sentences.

Top 10 Best Finance Books of All Times | WallSTreetMojo

Then discuss the questions there with a partner. Why is the book called Love by Numbers? According to the research what are the correct answers to the questions? Which one is becoming less common? What three pieces of advice are given about posting a profile on a dating site? What percentage of people already in a relationship got involved with their first love again after getting back in touch?

Were you surprised by any of the statistics? Is your relationship unlikely to succeed if your friends dislike your partner?

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Where is the most common place for couples to have an argument? Do opposites really attract? How successful is Internet dating?

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Should you try to get back in touch with an ex? Does taking revenge on an ex-partner make you feel better? There is academic research out there that can answer these questions: Dr.

Luisa Dillner, author of the column "Love by Numbers," has sifted through it to give you the facts about flirting, dating, marrying, and much more What do you think the expressions mean? A Online dating agencies advise getting a picture taken that makes you look friendly, rather than seductive. Nancy Kalish of California State University conducted another study which got randomly selected American adults to agree to be interviewed about their first loves.

In which sentence? Learn more about get, and practice it. Ask and answer in pairs. Did you use to get into trouble a lot when you were a child? Do you consider yourself a person who usually g e ts their own way? Do you tend to keep up to date with your work or studies, or do you often get behind? Do you think young drivers get stopped by the police more than older drivers? Do you think this is fair?


Have you ever gotten caught cheating on a test? Have you ever cheated on a test and gotten away with it? Do you think going on vacation together is a good way to really ge t to know people?

Have you ever gotten the short end of the stick in a purchase or business transaction? How often and where do you usually ge t your hair cut? If one of your gadgets or electrical appliances stops working, do you usually try to fix it yourself first, or do you im mediately call to ge t an expert to fix it? If you are m eeting someone, do you usually get there on time, or are you often either early or late? If you were able to get ju st one room in your house redecorated, which would it be and why?

Do you think women are better than men at getting presents for people? If you were invited to a karaoke evening, would you try to get out of going? If you were supposed to get a flight the day after there had been a serious plane crash, would you cancel it? Is there anyone in your fam ily or group of friends who really g e ts on your nerves? What worries you m ost about getting old? Where would you go if you really wanted to get away from it all and relax?

The First Million Might Be The Easiest: How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30

Online Practice 3A 27 Complete each text with words from the list. Braveheart Mel Gibson, arrows outnumbered overthrow rebel troops victorious The movie is set in 13th-century Scotland. In this dramatic scene, Scarlett, starving and desperate, suddenly sees a turnip in the ground. She falls on it, pulls it from the ground and eats it. One can alw ays make a dress out of a curtain. Then in groups of three, cover the texts and take turns describing what happens in each of the scenes.

Spartacus Kirk Douglas is trained as a gladiator, but he rebels against his Roman owner and escapes.