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Your work is a blessing Mary. Thanks a bunch. I,too, am continually amazed at how well and thorough you cover your explanations. I have learned and continue to learn so very much from you. As an educator you are, by far, the best I have ever encountered. Your explanation of the threads and their characteristics gives us more knowledge in how and when to choose a certain thread which is extremely helpful to me. I now understand them and will be more able to choose the one best for the job at hand. Thanks again for being such a great teacher!!

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I hope you know how much you are appreciated. Deonia in Florida. Hi Mary, I get your emails everyday and even though I have done very little embroidery… I am fascinated by all the information. Some time ago I taught some children how to do cross-stitch and back-stitch. Is it one of the above?

Thank you Ruth. I have often wondered if using size 12 perle coton could be use instead of two strands of floss when doing red work. It seems to me that it would twist less in the needle with one strand of perle than two strands of floss. Any comments? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

Is there any way to have a single page with a photo of the 8 threads above with name and number to compare size.

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Sure thing — in your spare time just whip it up for us. LOL But it would be an excellent reference for us. All my questions answered! Thank you for taking the time to show examples and photograph them. Your explanations are understandable, which makes you a good teacher.

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Wow, Mary, I have enjoyed your posts immensely all along, but my goodness you are truly outdoing yourself. This is extraordinary information. Thank you, thank you. I feel like I am taking a class so that I can later produce something wonderful. Thank you so much for explaining all these thread differences. Loving this site!

Thank you very much! I have a random selection of threads either inherited or bought at garage sales, and this has identified most of them for me. Finding out about new embroidery materials and techniques is always a treat. I have never used perle cotton Could you recommend a supplier of DMC perle cotton 12 that carries a good selection colors? Thanks Carolyn. Its an indispensable resource. I look forward to buying from your shop as a way to keep this blog going! I love your site and the detail you go into with every post you make. Do you have a post that compares them?

Slim-fit Cotton 2-Piece Suit in Crystal Cove Navy Bloom

Thank you for your help. Eterna silk no longer exists the business went belly up. You can always use more than one strand at a time. Thank you for such a quick response.

I will read your articles and make some choices from there. The sizes of Perle threads is the numbers of metres per gram. It is helpful to know this if one wants to use multiple strands of embroidery floss in place of Perle thread.

Best Women's Scrubs (September ). Read Detailed Reviews.

Because of the degree of twist in Perle vs. You can substitute 8 strands of floss for 3 perle Since 25 meters per grams divided by 3 meters per grams equals 8. You can substitute 5 strands of floss for 5 perle Since 25 meters per grams divided by 5 meters per grams equals 5. You can substitute 3 strands of floss for 8 perle Since 25 meters per grams divided by 8 meters per grams equals 3. You can substitute 2 strands of floss for 12 perle Since 25 meters per grams divided by 12 meters per grams equals 2.

I am interested to start a schwalm project. The recommended thread is dmc broder special. But I cant seem find it anywhere locally or Europe. Can I change this to DMC perle cotton? Many thanks. Another resource — you might try looking up Luzinne Happel in Germany. She could tell you where to find whitework and Schwalm supplies.

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I love to do punchneedle pictures. I like natural threads like cotton or wool as long as they are colorfast. Does anyone have any experience using more fine weights of thread like strands besides DMC floss while punching? You have the best rxplaination I have seen so far. I have just started punch needle. I am trying to find out what size perle cotton would be about the thickness of three strands of DMC floss.

What woyld you suggest? Thanks again! I keep making broad internet searches on needle related topics, and then smiling that sure enough, the useful article was yours. Thank you for this explanation of various threads. After this, I plan to try various other threads to see how they affect the finished project. Hi, Lynn — Lacis. There are two item numbers JS02 and JS Perle cotton is not a matte cotton thread, and it is quite tightly twisted.

I think the size 3 would be far too heavy, and it would give a completely different look to the stitching. I am sewing a collarless lined, long stretch velvet jacket.