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What To Do With One Day in Boulder, Colorado
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Other Information Firearms Policy. Guns are prohibited in the campground and on the Air Force Academy. Guests must stop at the Southgate exit and declare their weapon. They will then be escorted down to security forces where it will be tagged and locked in security forces locker. If a gun is found in the campground, the guest will be asked to leave immediately.

Attachments File Description. Pergrine Pines FamCamp Brochure. Driving Bicycling Transit Walking. User reviews.

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Overall rating. To write a review please register or log in. July , July 22, Check in was fast and very professional. Roads were wide enough for our 43' motorhome. All utilities worked well and were well placed. We really enjoyed our time here. The campsite was level and we were not on top of our neighbor. Very nice setting in the pines!

We would use it again if in the area. TurboBoom Top Reviewer 4 reviews. Report this review Comments 0 Was this review helpful to you? July 08, This time we had to use leveling blocks to get level. July 07, Another fairly good stay. There were several campsites out of service for at least a week.

Peter Lambert, Rockies' top pitching prospect, to be called up to make big-league debut

The camp is becoming less dog friendly. There used to be quite a few dog bag stations with trash cans attached to them. There are only a couple of stations now and all the attached trash cans have been removed.

24 Hours in Denver- What To Do with One Day in the Mile High City

RodM Top Reviewer 14 reviews. May Restroom were never clean! May 12, May 14, Terribly managed famcamp.

Driving from Los Angeles to Denver Help! - Utah Forum

Poorly maintained roads, hanging trees, dirty bathrooms. Staff is rude!!! They pick your spot for you and you must accept it! Too much speeding in the park and no dog park for your dog to run. They are very hard on tenants with animals!!!!! We booked two weeks here, terrible staff, they put you in one spot and asked you half way through your stay to change to another. No grass all dirt, they have a 4. Run down campground.

Terrible management. I witnessed him yelling at fellow patron. Marknlisa84 Top Reviewer 4 reviews. February 25, USAFA famcamp is being mismanaged. There are signs telling the user Us to help out and clean up. Kinda makes you wonder why we pay fees to use the facilities since they are NON-Appropriated funds which keeps it open! Hmm, imagine that Time will tell! Entrance to famcamp gets snow plowed but not inside the park, at least you can drive around to choose a site that gets south side facing exposure to the sun or completely surrounded by trees if you want but in the summer time your site is assigned.

Enjoy and hopefully this forum brings better service awareness and to not take advantage of we the users. December 23, Very nice experience. Came in the North Gate. The Security Police were very professional and explained how to get to the RV park. The site we reserved was the best. FHU and nothing but nice surroundings with nothing but tall trees. Coming in from Southern Arizona big pine trees are always a plus. Had heard the train would be a problem but honestly it wasn't bad at all. Will definitely come back. The Air Force Academy was spectacular. One very nice military park.

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September September 28, Our first stay here but we will be back. Our gravel pull thru site was extra long and level. Lots of trees but we had no problem getting a sattelite signal. So much space between sites and lots of open field to walk the dog. Commisaary and exchange are small but adequate.

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They are tearing down the chapel in January so I am glad we visited now. They say it will be years before it is completely reconstructed. Great visitor center be sure to watch the film , propane at a very reasonable price and friendly and helpful staff. Picnic table at every site. Road are easy to navigate. Great place to stay and visit all the area attractions. September 25, As others have noted and note to be repetitive - this is an excellent military campground. Almost any movie you can think of is there. The Library offers a temporary library card so you can check out movies 5 at a time or books.

Since the campground does not have WIFI, movies from the library are a nice alternative. Library staff are awesome and also offers computer services for print documents or other admin. Library is located in the community center complex. RambleOn Top Reviewer 9 reviews. Aug , September 08, Peregrine is one of the best Military Campgrounds.

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  7. If you like to cycle, one can get an easy 30 miles in on Campus and the Eisenhower Golf Courses are championship quality. There is a Community Gym on campus which gets quite crowded. We did not attend, but Outdoor Rec offers a number of guided tours and trips. July 23, One of the best campgrounds we have stayed at! Lots of room at each site and the people staying here were very friendly. The train is a little bit bothersome, but not enough to keep us awake all night. Restrooms and laundry room were clean and well maintained.

    DrRock 1 reviews. June 23, Excellent camp. Late night arrivals will probably have to use south gate as north gate may be closed late at night. We had site 7 gravel pull-through, fairly level with plenty of room for our 34' fifth wheel and truck; could have stayed connected if we had wanted to. Full hookups we used 50 amp and water pressure was high so regulator needed. I think some sites only had 30 amp power.

    Verizon worked fine. May 1st was the beginning of the season and staff was a bit spun up over that.